Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ligament Sprain


Ligament is tissues that connect the bone together. Ligaments sprain is the condition where the tissues are overstretched and torn.

The Most Common Sprain: Ankle


 Sprain is a common injury during sport activity. Excessive force if applied to the ligament can cause sprain. For example a defender miss kick a ball and hitting the opposition player on his ankle. Besides that, excessive weight during resistance training also can cause a ligament sprain as the ligaments are not strong enough to bear the weight.


The first symptom is the patience will endure pain at his joint eg. knee. During the contact, a ‘pop’ sound can be heard by the patience and within minute, the affected area will swell bruise. The patience will suffer limited Range of motion at the affected joint.


 R.I.C.E treatment is the recommended treatment. Immediately after the contact, the patience has to stop his activity and ice must be applied for 15 minutes. Ice can reduce the swelling as it reduce the lower the affected area temperature. 

A study conducted by Flontera in 2003 shown a remarkable effect of ice treatment compare to the injuries not treated with ice within 24 hours. After ice, compression can be applied to the affected area using an elastic bandage or other means applicable to the situation. 

Compressing the affected area can decrease the blood flow to the affected area and reduce swelling. After has been properly bandaged, elevate the affected area higher than the heart to minimize the blood flow as it can reduce swelling. 


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